Who We Are

Think of Student Life Technology Solutions as your partners in navigating the IT landscape—on campus and in the big wide world of technology. Yes, we are here to help you fix things when they break. And we’re also your technology consultants and problem solvers for a huge range of services you might not know about.

Want to use Qualtrics or Tableau for your data? Not sure how to integrate technology with your business plan? Thinking about new web tools or applications? Need help with project management or business processes? We look forward to helping you find solutions.

8 ways we can help you

Meet Your Ambassadors

We like more face time with our colleagues. It helps us to be better advocates for your technology needs. That’s why we piloted a new Ambassador Service in 2019 for rollout through 2020. Through regular visits to your unit, we can be there for the needs of your day and the plans for your future.  

These informal visits are all about being there for you. If we can fix a small problem for you during our Ambassador visit, we’ll do it! If you have questions or needs that will take more time to solve, we’ll make sure someone from our team follows up with you—after we’ve listened to you.

How It Works


Our first meetings with your team allow us to figure out the best way to visit your unit—what works for you. When we’re on site for a regular Ambassador visit, we want you to feel comfortable approaching us with your questions. There’s no need to make an appointment to speak with us!

What You Can Ask


You can ask us anything, and here are some examples to get you started. You might ask us about campus resources, productivity tools, teleconferencing technology, simplifying business processes, Google tools, security tips—truly, anything! We’re always happy to sit down and brainstorm with you about bigger challenges your unit is facing.