8 Ways We Can Help You

There are definitely more than eight ways we can help you. Your Technology Solutions team is behind many of the ideas and projects that make U-M Student Life run, such as meal plan systems, building security technology, web applications, and data visualization. These eight examples will give you an idea of how broad our capabilities are, and how much we can do for our partners—from everyday small fixes to solutions that change your whole enterprise.

Remember to talk to us first before taking that journey alone! We’re all about making it work for you. And did we mention, our services are free to Student Life units?

Tell us what you need 1

You need to run smoothly and safely.


You’re busy, your work is important, and we like to save you from downtime. We partner with U-M Information and Technology Services MiWorkspace to keep everything in your office humming—and secure. Together, we’ll get you outfitted in hardware, and we’ll support it. We also keep your technology current by administering the computer hardware replacement program. Did you lose files or access to an account? Do you need training on or help with bringing in new devices? Let us know right away about your security and workstation issues. No problem is too big or too small.


Your vendor communicates in code.


The functionality sounded perfect. The sales people were nice. But your new application or technology isn’t working, and you don’t understand the vendor’s specs. We can prevent these problems from the get-go by looking at your needs and finding good vendor matches—and fair prices. Even if you’re already locked in, we can handle your vendor relationship, plan the implementation, configure and install it, and make sure your technology can talk to U-M and Student Life apps and systems. We can support it, too.


There’s no flow in your workflow.


Does your line from A to B include some zigzags and loop-de-loops? Could you draw it if you tried? Business processes and workflows tend to be messier and less efficient than they could be. If you’d like to spend more time on your mission and less time redoubling your efforts, we can help. We can analyze, document, and map your process flows. And if you’re interested in improvements, we can suggest process automation and other better ways to get from A to B.


You’re not sure if there’s an app for that.


Event feeds, maps, point-of-sale purchasing—your web applications do a lot to connect with and serve your audiences. Our team can help you select the best applications or tools, or we’ll look into custom-building what you need. Many of the applications we’ve designed—like Sessions @ Michigan—are employed university-wide. Want a new website or a makeover? We can help with that, too. And we’ll give your users a friendly, accessible experience that is in line with the U-M brand and connected to campus systems.


You’re ready to mine your piles of data.


You’ve got data. Now what? We know data is equal parts exciting and daunting. We’ll take the daunting part away and work with you to make your business smarter. Using data analytics and visualization tools, we can help you see, literally, where and how you can better connect to students and your Student Life audiences—and reach your team goals. We can integrate your data with third-party apps like Salesforce, and assess data-sharing options across Student Life units.


You’re not well-equipped for the situation.


Jamboards, wireless image sharing, video conferencing and AV systems, digital signage—we know all the ins and outs of digital equipment and interactive office and retail components. And we can put some very cool technology at your fingertips. We’ll help you choose the right systems to help your team collaborate, share ideas, and improve your work processes. We’ll listen, assess your needs and your space, and take you through installation and training. And we’re here for you when something breaks or freezes.


Your big picture needs more focus.


You know technology will be critical to your team’s strategic plans for the future. But where do you begin? We’re here to offer advice on your long-term and large-scale technology undertakings. We can help you envision and budget for how a new system or program will facilitate your mission. Have plans but no resources to implement them? You can lean on our experienced project managers to define the scope of the project, suggest options, and take you from first ideas to fully operational.


You want space to grow your network.


To grow your network of Student Life services and programs, you need backup and a solid foundation. Managing web servers, mobile devices, menu systems, firewalls, storage, databases, event-management systems—these are examples of the ways we ensure our infrastructure keeps Student Life running. We think of everything down to the data jacks to be sure you’re grounded and moving forward. In partnership with U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS), we can also set up and train you in e-commerce and website management systems.